The MOTEC® whirl-type suction hoods (WSH) are highly-efficient vacuuming elements with intensive effects and an extensive effective range.

But what distinguishes us from our competitors?

Pollutant recovery with the MOTEC® whirl-type hood in comparison with a conventional suction hood with identical volume flow is much more extensive and efficient as well as less susceptible to air crossflows.

How do we achieve this?

This is accomplished by diverting the inflowing air over a ledge and setting it into a rotating motion, which causes an air twirl. High peripheral speeds arise at this rotating air roll, which generate a distinct degree of underpressure. It is this vacuum which provides for extensive and uniform pollutant recovery throughout the large surface of the entire hood width.

Depending upon particular requirement, the arising air whirl within the suction hood may in addition be intensified by having a support-air ventilator feed additional air. The velocity of the rotating air roll at the tip of the hood increases further, which enhances the effective depth impact. We know this principle from cyclones in the open nature.